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January 18, 2018

So I am doing a 28-day nutrition challenge at my gym, and following the meal plan they gave me. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a little difficult adjusting to this diet. It’s a lot less fat and a lot more carbs than my body is used to. BUT shocking the body every now and then...

October 6, 2016

I LOVE beef jerky, I’m been considering making pemmican for a long time, but it takes a little more work than making Jerky.

Maybe the next time I get a bunch of bison I’ll try. I read a lot of recipes online for homemade jerky, but they all had soy sauce and/or Worcest...

July 27, 2015

This recipe is not paleo or primal, it is the much loved recipe from my neighbor.  He used to make these every year for our annual block party, but he is getting older and has passed the recipe to me. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this last year's block party s...

July 12, 2015

I LOVE quiche, and I’ve been looking for a way to make a paleo version when I came across a recipe that used shredded potatoes for the crust.  I’m sorry I can’t remember where I saw it and a google search comes up with lots of recipes.  Most people that eat paleo shun...

May 11, 2015

Home made salsa is so easy and can be a lot cheaper than store bought.  This is a fresh salsa or a pico de gallo.  I have read that there is a difference between salsa fresca and pico de gallo, but the only consistent difference from all of the definitions I’ve read is...

May 11, 2015

I LOVE shredded beef.  I used to put a big hunk of cow in a crock pot over some sliced onions, pour on a can of rotella tomatoes and a small can of dice green chilies mixed with a tablespoon or two of chili powder and come back after work and shred!  You can still do i...

March 25, 2015

In a previous post I talked about how excited I am about my new Sansaire Sous Vide.  I just love how easy it makes cooking meat to the perfect temperature.  

A few weekends ago I drove down to see my parents and they get bison delivered every month or so and I...

March 25, 2015

So a while back I bought a Sansaire Sous Vide. I am in love with it. Perfectly cooked eggs and fish and even more awesome: duck breast.

To get the fat to render and the skin to crisp up, you need to score the skin and fat with a sharp knife in a criss-cross pattern. Be...