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Sorry no pictures on this one. I thought I had some, but I can’t find them. Anyways, this is a great basic chicken salad recipe. You CAN substitute mashed avocado for the mayo, but I prefer it with a good homemade healthy fat mayonnaise. The recipe ends up with a lot of carrot, but I like that, you could probably use half a big carrot and be fine. I use leftover whole roasted chicken and I dice it pretty fine for this. Serve with a spoon or on cucumber rounds, or stuff into mini sweet peppers.

Chicken Salad

Simple chicken salad


2 cups cooked and diced chicken (an organic rotisserie chicken from your local megamart works well)

1 carrot shredded

1 stick celery minced

¼ onion minced (I used a yellow onion, but I think half a small red onion might be better)

4 tablespoons + Paleo Mayonnaise

heavy pinch of salt

4-5 grinds black pepper

1-2 shakes pepper sauce

about ¼ teaspoon garlic powder or one small clove garlic minced fine

Optional Ingredients

Dried craisins

chopped nuts (My wife like walnuts in this)

fresh herbs (Sage works really well)

some finely dices green apple


  1. Place everything in a large bowl and mix to combine

  2. If needed add more mayonnaise 1 tablespoon at a time until you reach the desired consistency. (my last batch I used 6 tablespoons)


  1. Serve with a spoon or on cucumber rounds, or stuff into mini sweet peppers

Adapted from My grandmother's recipe

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